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Missionary Amit


I was born December 2, 1993, in an orthodox non-Christian family in India. I have parents, three brothers and two sisters. My parents being strong in their religious faith, they strictly followed all the rituals which were required.

As days went by, I was influenced by my parents and had a great desire to become a priest in their religion. Due to my spiritual thirst, I even quit my studies.

Meanwhile, my father developed a severe sickness and we took him to many hospitals and temples. But his condition remained the same. One day, when there was no way my mother called a pastor to pray for my father. Then he took fast and prayed for my father. From then on, I could see the changes in his body. After a few days, my father was completely healed. That day, I came to know that Jesus is the real God. I then confessed my sins and received Jesus as my personal Savior.

Eventually, as I spent time in reading the Bible and meditated the Word, the Lord burdened my heart to save the lost. Gradually, the Lord confirmed me of my calling, and with the help of a pastor I enrolled in a GFA Bible School to train myself for the future ministry.

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