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Missionary Manasea


I was born August 30, 1992, in a nominal Christian family in India. Though I was raised up in a strong Christian background, I was not interested in attending Sunday school and Sunday worship.
Growing up, I miserably failed in all the walk of my life. On the other hand, we faced financial drawbacks because my father earned a meager amount of money and it was not sufficient to fulfill our needs.
During this time, seeing my wretched life my mother called me personally and shared the Word with me. As she was talking and sharing some promising Bible verses with me, the Holy Spirit began to work wonders in my heart to acknowledge God’s love in my life. From then on, I started to meditate on the Word and spent time in prayer. Soon, I was convicted of the wrongs I did, and by confessing my sins I chose to trust in Jesus.
Meanwhile, I began to desire to share the Word among those who have yet to hear. But I knew this was not an easy job because I lacked the knowledge in the Word. As I sought the Lord to open ways for me, I was confirmed of my calling. Soon, I enrolled in a GFA Bible School.

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