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Missionary Prokolasah


I was born on April 15, 1991 into a nominal Christian family in India. My parents taught me from the Word.
Growing up, I became stubborn and started disobeying my parents. Gradually, I began to befriend bad people and entertained with them in various sinful ways. Soon, those habits led me to become an alcoholic and drug addict. Day after day, my behavior began to worsen and my parents were deeply worried.
As days went by, I learned some habits like stealing and gossiping. However, I began to feel a void in my heart. Few days later, I listened to the Word and was touched by it. In the following days, my pastor began to counsel me and made me realize that I was living in sin. Right there, I confessed my sins and received Jesus as my personal Savior. Instantly, the sadness that was in me flew away and my heart was filled with great joy.
My walk with the Lord grew. Gradually, I felt that the Savior was calling me to do His ministry, and I enrolled in a GFA Bible School.

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