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Missionary Sonamuni



I was born into a believer family in Asia. I used to go to the church and attend all the spiritual activities. But I did not have a personal relationship with God.

Unfortunately, my father passed away when my siblings and I were small. Thus, my mother began to work hard for our living. Meanwhile, I was indulged in worldly pleasures and spent time with my friends.

One day, my mother called the pastor to our home for prayer. She shared all our family condition with the pastor. Hearing this, the pastor encouraged us from the Word. Moreover, he counselled me to walk in the way of God and prayed for me. As I began to spend time in prayer and meditating God’s Word, I realized that I was a sinner and needed God in my life. I then confessed my sins and chose to trust in Him.

As days went by, I developed an intimate relationship with God, He placed a burden in my heart for those who haven’t heard of His love. I prayed to God for His will in my life and He confirmed me of His call. I then enrolled in a Bible School to prepare myself for the ministry. After the completion of my studies, I began to serve in ministry.


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