Whole families will often turn their hearts to receive Jesus after witnessing a miracle in healing, as Rishi’s family did.

Rishi Krishna, 15, lay unconscious as poison flowed through his veins. He thought his friend had given him a cup of water to drink. He didn’t know this so-called friend was actually a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” who wanted him dead.

It didn’t take long for the toxins his friend put in the water to seep into his system. Within minutes, Rishi’s body collapsed onto the ground. His enemy, seeing the result of his handiwork, ran from the scene.

Minutes passed and poison continued to spread through Rishi’s body before a group of people found him lying on the ground. Knowing where he lived, they carried him back to his home, where his family used all the available medicine they had to try to cure him.

But nothing worked—Rishi was getting worse.

His family heard about the church where Gospel for Asia missionary Kewal Devrat served as pastor and decided they would take Rishi to him and ask for prayers of healing. After they explained to Kewal what had happened, he prayed for the young boy and asked the Lord Jesus to heal him.

Rishi awakened less than 30 minutes later with no trace of poison in his system. After witnessing the miraculous power of Christ, Rishi and his family opened their hearts to Jesus and received Him as Savior.

They are now regular attendees at the local church.

Please pray for Rishi and his family as they continue to learn more about Jesus Christ. Pray also that through them and their testimony, more people will come to know the Lord.

Rishi is from Madhya Pradesh, “the Heart of India.”

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