Meera and her team were doing outreach when they found Nimmy.

Meera and her team were on their way home when they noticed a young girl standing alone by the side of the road. Meera, a student at a Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college, stopped to find out if the girl was alright. It turned out to be a miracle that they found her.

Nimmy, just 10 years old, told them she had been at the market earlier that day. She had gone with her parents, but they had become separated in the massive crowds. The day wore on and she couldn’t find them. Now, as night was falling, she had nowhere to go but try to find her way home.

The women quickly took Nimmy in with them and gave her a place to stay. They knew this little girl faced great danger if left alone at night, especially due to her tribal ethnicity. In their area, ongoing tribal conflicts have taken thousands of innocent lives. Nimmy’s tribal background left her extremely vulnerable and likely to be targeted.

Meera and the women prayed with the little girl that she would find her family, whom they tried to contact. They cared for her over the next two weeks until finally, miraculously, her family found her. They cried with joy because they too knew the dangers of the area and had feared the worst. When they found that Nimmy was safe and well cared for, they showered the girls with their thanks.

Nimmy’s life wasn’t the only one saved because of the women’s care. Each of Nimmy’s family members, who were nominal Christians, chose to seek after the Lord and follow Him closely as a result of this incident.