Rakee had been sick from a very young age. In desperate search of relief for their daughter, her parents took her to many hospitals. But it was no use—doctors were unable to find a cure. And the many deities the family worshipped weren't helping them.

Then one day the weary parents heard about a team of young women who were in their village praying for the sick. They asked these women to come and pray for Rakee, too. As the women prayed, God did a powerful work and healed Rakee completely.

Because God brought some kind young women to pray for Rakee that day, Rakee's family came to realize the powerful and compassionate nature of the living God—and that they, too, could know Him and have eternal life in heaven one day. The entire family received Christ as Savior.

The women on this ministry team represent just a few of the thousands of GFA Bible women sharing Christ with and discipling other women and children in Asia. These women have embraced God's call upon their lives. And they count it a privilege to press on daily even at the risk of persecution to reach souls for Christ's kingdom.