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A Gospel for Asia-supported women’s ministry team was going about a normal day of sharing the love of Jesus in Manipur, India, when they were abruptly stopped and interrogated by police.

The team, which included three women in their 20s, was visiting homes, handing out tracts and sharing from God’s Word when the police approached and stopped them for questioning. While the interrogation was taking place, the villagers secretly watched from inside their homes.

Rebel militants often come to the village where the women serve, and police forces will sometimes carry out search operations.

The authorities had received word that some of the women in the village had started helping the militants, and they suspected these missionaries.

They asked the women where they had come from and what they were doing in the village. One woman answered that they were missionaries and were there to proclaim the Good News to the villagers.

But the police refused to believe her. They told the women they wouldn’t harm them, but they ordered them to name the subversive group they were working for.

The women became flustered when they realized the authorities thought they were lying, so they prayed in their hearts that God would intervene. He did. When they showed the police their ID cards to prove they meant no harm and were not connected with any militant groups, one of the officers apologized. He explained they had just been doing their duty and asked the women not to be upset.

Our ladies were kept from trouble that day,” writes GFA’s local correspondent.

But because of this untoward incident, the local people no longer want to invite the missionaries into their houses because they got scared to see that they were being questioned by the police.”

The correspondent asks for prayer on behalf of these missionaries as they risk their lives for the Gospel in this place:

  • Pray for their protection.
  • Pray the Lord will go before them in each step of their lives and ministry.
  • Pray many people will be drawn to Christ through their ministry.
  • Pray for all of the GFA-supported missionaries who are faithfully reaching out with the hope Christ offers in this Northeast Indian state where people’s futures look uncertain.
  • Pray for peace in Manipur.
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