Musuri Akand sits in his new wheelchair. Believers and GFA missionaries in his state of Karnataka, India, provided the chair as an outreach of Christ’s love.

Musuri Akand can get around by himself now—something he couldn’t do until several believers and Gospel for Asia missionaries in Karnataka, India, gave him a wheelchair. The group demonstrated the love of Christ to Musuri and 49 other physically disabled people by distributing gifts like wheelchairs and hand-cranked sewing machines at a special service on December 20.

As a laborer in the city, Musuri had struggled to keep his wife and four children fed. But through hard work, they made ends meet. Then one day, things got much worse.

While Musuri was loading luggage on top of a city bus, he came in contact with a live electrical wire. The shock caused severe injuries to Musuri’s body, and doctors even had to amputate one of his legs. His recovery process was long and painful, and despite receiving treatment at two different hospitals, his condition did not improve.

Doctors finally told Musuri and his family that he would suffer from the difficult pain for the rest of his life. Discouraged by this news, Musuri found no hope in the traditional gods he worshipped. But one day, he discovered the peace only found in Christ. Encouraged by the news of a Savior who cared about his wounds, Musuri trusted in Jesus. And now he tells everyone how the Lord has given him extra grace to endure the difficult situations in his life with courage and strength.

As a way to reach out to this man and his family, the believers and missionaries gave Musuri a three-wheeled wheelchair especially designed for the rough Indian streets. He was incredibly moved and grateful for the generous gift.

The ceremony also provided many other poverty-stricken people like Musuri with the equipment they need to better handle their disabilities. Many local government officials commended the GFA missionaries for their acts of compassion toward those who are suffering and downtrodden. And as each gift was given, the message of Christ reached out to the lives of all who attended.