Wayward Teen Finds Purpose

After skipping school to hang out with his friends much of the day, teenager Rondale made his way home. He likely knew his parents were disappointed in him. They had told him several times to become a good person, but what did they know?

Rondale’s parents weren’t even educated. His father worked without needing an education, so why were they so insistent that Rondale get one? Deep down, all he wanted to do was help his father farm and stay with his parents, and he didn’t need an education to do that. Why did they keep insisting that he was being disobedient by not studying? If he did well in school, he would likely have to move far away from them to continue his education and get a better job rather than being close to them. Did they want that?

Upon coming home, Rondale probably saw his younger sister, Meelia, diligently doing her homework. Her parents had enrolled her in GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program . The program had given her hygiene supplies, nutritious meals, proper clothes and other essentials. She had flourished with the help of the program, got key academic support, but also learned moral lessons, and she conducted herself well in life. Their parents were grateful for the program and likely very proud of their daughter. But didn’t Meelia know what the future held? Rondale knew she would probably just end up getting married at a young age and having children, so her education would be useless. At least, that was what happened to most girls in their village. Why did Meelia even bother?

All Hope Seems Lost

Wayward Teen Finds Purpose
Rondale (not pictured) used to skip school to play with his friends and sometimes got into fights.

Rondale enjoyed hanging out with his friends. They had fun relaxing and watching television, but Rondale’s parents longed for him to do well with his studies. How would he bring honour to the family and take care of them when they were old if he didn’t have a proper education? Did he really want to remain in poverty? After all, the more education a person has, the less likely they will be impoverished. 1

His parents turned to GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program. The program had benefited their daughter tremendously, surely it could it help their son as well.

Even young Meelia asked for her brother’s admission into the program. She knew how it had helped her. Rondale would probably find new friends and meet tutors who would be positive influences, helping him with his studies and in other areas of life. If Rondale could be surrounded by good people who could encourage and guide him, maybe he could get his life on track.

Encouragement and Guidance Change a Life

Wayward Teen Finds Purpose
Because God blessed him with the child sponsorship program, Rondale (not pictured) embraced his studies and flourished.

Rondale joined the program, and a new chapter in his life began. His daily lifestyle and habits had to change.

Perhaps Rondale didn’t enjoy the new routine of his life at first. Not only was he unable to spend all his free time with his friends, doing whatever they wanted, but he probably spent more time learning than he had in a long time.

Slowly, however, things began to change. Rondale began to change. The program offered nutritious meals, hygiene training, tutoring, and many other things. 2 He got involved in different activities at the program and became focused on his studies. The child sponsorship staff encouraged Rondale to work hard and achieve a bright future—it was maybe the first time Rondale had any kind of vision for his future. He had options now, and he began to act more responsibly. He took initiative to take care of his things and prepare for school each day, arranging his bag, polishing his shoes and washing his uniforms. Rondale’s attitude changed, and he began treating his teachers, parents and other adults with respect.

Over time, Rondale and Meelia graduated from the program. Meelia went on to study at university. She later met and married a government employee, and the two now lead a peaceful life together. Rondale trained to be an auto mechanic so he could provide for his parents. Now he supports them by working in a car repair shop and helping his father with farming. If the program had not molded his life, Rondale knows he would likely be leading a very worldly life, maybe even be an alcoholic. Instead, he now leads a good life, one that pleases his parents.

So Many Others Wait

Wayward Teen Finds Purpose
Many children still wait to be sponsored and to experience the joy and hope these children have found.

Through God’s grace, GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program had opened near Rondale’s village, and this changed the trajectory of Meelia’s and Rondale’s lives. God opened the doors to allow these siblings to gain the resources they needed to obtain brighter futures with the guidance, tutoring and encouragement offered by the staff of the program.

GFA World’s Child Sponsorship program is providing help and hope to countless other children like Meelia and Rondale and, meanwhile, uplifting their communities . However, there are so many other children who don’t have this opportunity yet. If they had access to the resources offered by the child sponsorship program, and if they had people who believed in them and inspired them, they could achieve great things and find true joy in life. But they need to be sponsored.

You can be a pivotal point in the life of a child by sponsoring them, allowing them the chance to embrace their full potential.

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*Names of people and places may have been changed for privacy and security reasons. Images are GFA stock photos used for representation purposes and are not the actual person/location, unless otherwise noted.

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