Like these young men, Jeevan is a changed person because of Christ.

Jeevan was hurting his parents. They had many hopes and dreams for their son, but Jeevan didn’t seem interested. He was more consumed with living for himself and what this world could offer him—and had friends who were a bad influence on him.

He also lived far away from his parents and had no concern for them. The reckless young man refused to heed the counsel of his deeply concerned parents, who urged him to live more responsibly. Even though Jeevan’s parents faithfully followed the customs and rituals of their religion hoping to see a change in their son, the situation was not getting any better for them. Finally, the couple lost hope in Jeevan and began to fear he would never change for the better.

Finally, Jeevan’s parents lost hope in him and began to fear he would never change for the better.

But then Hetal Masih, a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor, visited Jeevan and gave him some Gospel literature. Even though Jeevan initially showed no interest in the Gospel, Pastor Hetal kept praying.

Then one day, Hetal met with Jeevan again and shared the Gospel with him verbally. This time, Jeevan listened patiently and found himself deeply touched by God’s love. He later expressed his desire to know Jesus. Hetal could see that Jeevan’s heart was softening and invited him to his church so he could learn more about Jesus.

As he heard God’s Word taught each Sunday, Jeevan slowly came to believe in his heart that Jesus is the true God. He also realized his sinfulness and his need for a Savior. He gladly chose to receive and follow Christ.

From that day on, there was total transformation in Jeevan’s life. He left his bad habits. And filled with Christ’s love, he began to love and nurture his family. Friends and relatives alike marveled at the change in him. And Jeevan has been active in Hetal’s church and growing in his Christian walk.

Please pray that as Christ’s light shines through Jeevan, his family will soon come to personally experience His redemptive love, too. And pray for God’s continued protection and blessings over Hetal’s ministry in a region where Christian workers are being accused of “forcible” conversion.