The bandh hindered operations at Gospel for Asia’s Bible college in Jammu and kept missionaries from being able to do their work of sharing the Gospel.

After days of unrest and violence, the Jammu region of India is finally experiencing a return to normalcy, at least for the time being. The unrest has literally made it impossible for Gospel for Asia’s missionaries to do their regular ministry. It also affected operations at GFA’s Bible college.

The problems began in June when the Jammu and Kashmir government revoked a controversial transfer of land to the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board. Opponents of this decision enforced a bandh, which is a type of strike.

During the bandh, shops and businesses were closed, and protestors filled roads and highways, putting up barricades and throwing stones. On July 9, more than 500 people protested outside the governor’s house. In more than 27 places in Jammu, police opened fire on protestors. This violence left 75 injured, including 25 policemen.

In response to the strike, an indefinite curfew was imposed in certain parts of Jammu, and police arrested more than 80 protestors. Schools and colleges across the region of Jammu were also shut down. In addition, a chief minister resigned during the bandh.

The strike lasted for more than nine days, but was recently suspended for seven days. The curfew was lifted, and shops and businesses reopened on July 10. Crowds of people rushed to the market to purchase vital items they had not had access to during the strike.

Although there is a temporary return to normal routines, it is possible that the agitation may begin again soon. The unrest caused by the bandh has a profound impact on all those living in the area. GFA’s missionaries found it unsafe to go out, and the Bible college had to shut down briefly.

Believers in Jammu ask for your prayers that the bandh and the curfew would not start again.

They also need prayer for God’s provision and guidance for those living in this tumultuous area.

The missionaries ask for prayer that they would be able to return to telling others about Jesus.

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