Clean water is the most needed commodity, given the contamination in the environment from the rotting corpses. The air is filled with unbearably bad smell even though tons of disinfectants have been sprinkled all around. In Sri Lanka incessant rains are making relief operations a daunting challenge last couple of days.

Today was a great day at three different camps in Tamil Nadu, which is the second most affected place in India. Loads of water bottles purchased from Pepsi at a discount were distributed. Mats, hot meals, toothbrush and paste, clothes (especially undergarments - because no other agency brought these) and milk powder were distributed.

In Sri Lanka plenty of hot meals are being supplied from the kitchens of GFA Compassion Services because the kitchens of the relief camps are not able to meet the demand for food by the increasing number of refugees.

At all the six camps where pastors and missionaries and volunteers are involved in relief operations in India, there was a need to spend one on one time with bereaved individuals. Those who have lost their loved ones in the tragedy are feeling the pain of loneliness more and more. Ministering to emotional needs is a priority now.

Responding to this need while GFA Compassion Services Volunteers continue to take care of physical needs on the one hand, they have deployed at each relief camp 20 plus counselors. They are comforting, praying for and offering the hope found in Jesus to the tsunami victims.

Plans are underway to set up Transit Homes in at least ten different places. Orphans, widows, senior citizens and others who may have no one to turn to are all welcome at the Transit Homes. Since the relief camps are not going to be run forever, there is going to be a need very soon to find accommodation for the above mentioned persons who will need more care for quite a bit of time. GFA Compassion Services are working on plans to setup long term Orphanages, Senior Citizens’ Homes and Destitute Homes.

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