Many sick and hurting people seek a missionary’s prayers when all other hope has failed them.

Both Govind and Akil worship the Lord with joy today. But before each of these men came to Christ, they had been at the lowest points of their lives.

Striving to Please an Idol
Govind faithfully worshiped the god of his family. He even built a temple to this deity, which drew large crowds on religious holidays. His financial situation was becoming more and more comfortable. But his affluence failed him when polio attacked his daughter.

Govind spent what was to him an almost unimaginable amount of money for his daughter’s treatment. The once wealthy family had to turn to manual labor jobs to try to keep funding her treatment. Still, her condition remained the same. Govind had reached the end of what he could do for his daughter.

Akil’s situation also sprung from dependence on silent gods. When sudden paralysis overcame him, Akil discovered that someone had done witchcraft against him. His relatives abandoned him because of this. And the prayers and devotion to Akil’s deities brought him no relief.

Finding the True God
In their time of desperation, both of these men met Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries. In each case, the pastors listened to their problems and then joined with believers in their churches to fast and pray. Soon, both Govind and Akil saw miracles.

Govind’s daughter was healed from the polio, and his whole family received Christ.

The Lord healed Akil as well, taking away the curse of witchcraft, and he and his wife began to follow the Lord. Akil began sharing his testimony with as many people as he could.

Govind and Akil both request prayer that they will grow in their faith, have opportunities to share the great works the Lord did for them and that their stories will draw more people to trust in Christ.