In front of a slab floor—all that is left of the restaurant he once owned—sits a young Sri Lankan man. He wonders what he will do next, what the future will look like for him and his family.

Before the tsunami that hit Asian coastlines on December 26, Suresh owned a restaurant and hotel. But today, his livelihood—the business he built and made improvements on over the past 10 years—is reduced to pieces of wood and rubble. And he has no money to rebuild. Even if he built some bamboo structures, with the loss of cash and business contacts, he has a long road ahead.

At least his wife and children safely escaped—as well as the guests at his hotel. His family is staying with relatives. Meanwhile, surrounded by tsunami devastation and wondering how his family will survive in the future, Suresh voices the question that has echoed in his mind: “What hope is there for me?”

It is people like Suresh that Gospel for Asia workers are reaching out to with not only physical relief, but the life-changing hope of Jesus. Workers are giving out supplies (Each relief packet includes literature telling the Good News) and ministering to traumatized victims around the clock. To them, it is worth it if one more person can be reached with the truth of a God who loves them—a God who can give them a fixed and steady hope in the midst of such suffering.