A missionary is praying for a young girl, like Yatharth, who was suffering from demonic oppression. This is a common occurrence for GFA-supported missionaries working in areas where the people worship multiple gods.

Yatharth’s family was very worried about her. The once healthy and vibrant girl was now out of control. Her erratic behavior suggested she might be having a serious mental breakdown. But the truth was much more frightening.

Yatharth was born into a tribal group in a remote area of Asia. Her family was diligent in worship of the traditional gods and goddesses of their tribe. They performed the rituals and recited the prayers to appease these gods. So when Yatharth’s strange behavior started, the first thing they did was offer sacrifices and lift up prayers on her behalf.

But their gods were silent. The young girl’s bizzare behavior worsened. They could tell she was under some kind of attack, but didn’t really understand what was happening to her.

After their gods and goddesses remained silent, Yatharth’s family scraped together what little money they had and traveled a great distance to find medical treatment for her. The doctors failed in their efforts to heal Yatharth as well.

With no more money and nowhere else to turn, Yatharth’s parents came back to their village totally defeated.

That’s when God brought Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Mahim Singh Kolam to their door. Mahim is pastor of a small but growing church in the area where Yatharth and her family live. Mahim heard about Yatharth’s plight and recognized that the young girl was being tormented by demonic spirits. He visited the family and told them about Jesus and His love. He invited the couple to bring their daughter to church, where his congregation would pray for her.

With no other hope of healing, Yatharth’s parents brought their tormented daughter to a worship service. Mahim and his small congregation gathered around Yatharth and lifted their voices to heaven on her behalf, praying in one accord for the Lord to release Yatharth from the attacks and oppression. The Lord answered their prayers and delivered Yatharth.

Yatharth immediately understood the spiritual significance of what had happened to her and she chose to follow Christ that very same day. Her family, however, is still skeptical about the claims of Christ and are still clinging to their traditional gods and goddesses.

Mahim asks for prayer that Yatharth’s testimony will continue to be a powerful witness of Christ’s love and will result in many people, including her parents, giving their hearts to Christ.