Anandhi was often awakened at night by her grandmother’s screaming. The elderly woman, troubled by the evil spirits she worshiped, kept the whole family awake and fearful in her suffering.

But because of a caring sponsor on the other side of the world, Anandhi was enrolled in GFA’s Bridge of Hope school program, and she had learned that her Heavenly Father was a God of love, not fear. She desperately wanted to share this wonderful news with her grandmother.

One Sunday, the little girl brought her grandmother to church. The pastor and church members prayed fervently for the woman’s deliverance, and God, who loved her dearly, completely freed her. As a result, the entire family received Christ as their Savior.

“I am really happy for this school, which made it possible for my whole family to know Jesus,” Anandhi testified. “I really thank God for that!”