Reaching out to the people in meetings like this one, Gul and Lukesh helped the villagers understand that Jesus truly cares about their lives.

The 36 believers in a little village in Manipur, India, didn’t come to know the Lord through large evangelistic rallies or by witnessing incredible miracles. They decided to follow Jesus after seeing that GFA native missionaries Gul Sachh and Lukesh Kabir truly cared about their lives.

Gul and Lukesh wanted to reach the people in their village. But every time they went out to distribute Gospel literature or share about their faith, they were mocked and ridiculed. No one wanted to hear about the Savior because they were already devoted to their local deity.

Noticing the struggles and family problems most of their neighbors suffered, Gul and Lukesh deeply desired to give them hope. Then the missionaries had an idea.

They began offering seminars on issues that affected the villagers’ personal lives. The missionaries covered topics like family values, alcohol addiction, relationships and raising children. Soon, people filled the room where the sessions were held.

After coming to several of the seminars, the people began asking questions about why Gul and Lukesh cared about their situations. The missionaries were able to tell them, “It’s because of the love of Jesus!”

Initially, 10 people received Christ, and now 36 have decided to follow Him. They have thrown away their hollow gods, because they know that the One True God is the only One who hears their problems and cares about their families.

The believers now come each Sunday for worship, and the building where they meet is almost too tight to hold them all. They are now praying for their own church building where they can gather and thank God for what He has done in their lives.

Gul and Lukesh ask for prayer that more people will come to know the Lord through the seminars. They also request prayer that they will be able to construct a church building soon.