When Pastor Lal met Harpal and his wife, they were in misery, for she was in bondage to evil spirits and beyond human help.

They had been to all kinds of doctors and priests. They needed something to help them, something bigger than the forces of powers that held her captive. But their gods did not answer.

Knowing Jesus’ love was the answer for the couple’s agonizing problem, Pastor Lal shared with them His sacrifice that heals all ailments and His power to deliver from sin and bondage. Harpal and his wife grasped the hope Pastor Lal offered them, putting their trust in Jesus. As Lal prayed, the Lord completely delivered Harpal’s wife.

This miracle opened a door for the Gospel in Harpal’s village, where Pastor Lal continues his ministry today. Harpal and his wife rejoice in the merciful deliverance of Christ and their new life in Him.