As precious Dalit children receive an education and hear the Good News through Bridge of Hope, entire villages are being transformed.
In a Dalit (“Untouchable”) village in Bihar, India, poverty runs rampant. Dependent on daily earnings for their survival, these people are so desperately poor they also draw sustenance from rats, snakes and other field animals. And they are largely uneducated: According to a survey, during the past 50 years only two people in this village have gone to school past the 10th grade. Illiteracy is common. People have tried to bring education to the village, but children must work to provide income for their families, so they cannot attend school. Sadly, the people were entrapped in a vicious cycle of poverty from which they felt helpless to escape. They knew no other way, but then the Lord gave one person a burden for this village.

Gospel for Asia missionaries had been praying fervently for a way to help these people. And in time, the Lord answered their prayers, raising up a committed brother, Chandan, to reach out to them with a Bridge of Hope center. With much love and compassion for people in this village, Chandan shared with the community how a Bridge of Hope center would help them. Their children would receive an education, a nutritious meal each school day and a free medical check-up. Soon Chandan was able to start a Bridge of Hope center—in a place where other attempts to provide education had failed.

And by God’s grace, 170 children in the village enrolled in the Bridge of Hope center that same year! The village has also benefited from various educational awareness programs and Gospel seminars that GFA has conducted for adults.

Many Dalit (“Untouchable”) children are forced to work, rather than attend school.
Through such outreach, people began to find hope and the chance for a better life. Because of the Bridge of Hope center, precious souls have come to Christ in this village—and five fellowship groups have formed. No longer can this Dalit village in Bihar be called uneducated—or without the transforming hope of the Gospel.

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