Temple priests, like this one, are highly regarded in their communities and often called upon to perform rituals for sick loved ones.

A tumor was growing in Madhuri Jhadav’s abdomen. Her husband, Mrigesh, asked various temple priests to conduct poojas (ritual prayers) on her behalf, but the amount of money they demanded was too extravagant for the couple to afford.

Mrigesh wouldn’t give up, though. He went back to Kaviraj, one of the priests he had approached before, desperate for a cure for Madhuri, but something was different this time. Kaviraj told Mrigesh that he was no longer a temple priest, but a follower of Jesus instead.

Since the last time Mrigesh had seen him, Kaviraj said, he had become severely sick. His daughter, a believer in Christ, took him to a prayer meeting. It was there, when the “godly people prayed,” that Kaviraj was completely healed, he explained. Now Kaviraj was ready to lead Mrigesh and his sick wife to the One he knew could make her well.

Kaviraj took them to a prayer meeting and introduced them to the pastor who was leading it. Mrigesh asked the pastor to pray for his wife, and when he did, Madhuri was miraculously healed. It was on that day that both Mrigesh and Madhuri determined to live for Christ the rest of their lives.

Today, Mrigesh and Madhuri serve the Lord as GFA-supported missionaries. Despite active opposition and harassment, they are standing firm by God’s grace, and He has enabled them to plant a church with about 80 new believers attending.