The doctor could have more easily cured a snakebite than the mental anguish Banjur was experiencing. He had escaped the poisonous snake, but his emotional scars were far more painful than any venom. Were none of his gods able to help? He had tried medicine, folk cures and many temples…but he was still haunted.

Some time ago, he was working in his field when the venomous snake appeared from nowhere and started chasing him. Banjur fled for his life and somehow outran the snake. But the shock was so severe that he became sick. It didn’t get better, but worsened as he tried and tried to find relief.

Banjur felt exhausted as he tried to work in his shop, needing the money to pay for all his treatments. A customer came into his shop and, noticing Banjur’s misery, asked what was wrong. The customer was Gospel for Asia missionary Jehrab. Banjur poured out his heart to Pastor Jehrab, who shared that Jesus loved him and could save and heal him.

Jehrab had told Banjur of Jesus before, but Banjur was never interested. This time, he allowed Pastor Jehrab to pray for him. It was his only hope.

A few days later, to his amazement, Banjur was completely healed. He knew at once that it was Jesus who healed him. He saw that the Lord had power over emotional and mental scars that doctors could do nothing about. Banjur gave his life to the Lord, and although his family members haven’t yet decided to follow Jesus, they are more open and interested. Pray that they will receive salvation soon and that Banjur’s testimony will bring many more to salvation.