What was supposed to be a visit to an illiterate man with a Gospel tract turned into divine healing for a young boy and his family.

The four Bible school students didn’t know Kamadev was illiterate before giving him a Gospel tract. When they found out, they shared the message with him, and Kamadev was touched by what he heard. He asked the students to visit him one day in the future and told them exactly how to get to his house. But when the students came back a few days later, they couldn’t find Kamadev or his house.

The young men asked around, hoping to find someone who knew how to get to Kamadev’s house. In their search, they met Bhagwant, who offered to help them.

Bhagwant invited the students into his home and told them to stay with him and his family until they found Kamadev. The students accepted his kind offer of hospitality and, while they were there, told him about Jesus and His love for them. As Bhagwant listened, he could tell that the students really cared about him, so he told them about his son, Pradosh, who had been suffering with seizures for three years and was bedridden.

The students told Bhagwant about Christ’s power to heal. This really surprised Bhagwant, and he found hope that Jesus would be able to heal his son. The student missionaries and the father bowed in prayer together, asking God to heal little Pradosh. After praying, the young men assured Bhagwant that they would return to visit and see how the family was doing.

The four students left the village without ever finding Kamadev. Instead, they had found a family who was in need of the Lord’s healing touch.

When they visited Bhagwant’s family a week later, they were amazed to see Pradosh walking around—he was quite weak, but was able to serve them drinks of water. The students invited the family to attend a fasting and prayer meeting in their rented house the next week. Getting to the prayer meeting required an hour and a half of walking, but Pradosh was able to make it to the meeting. While the students gathered that day to pray for Pradosh’s complete healing, the little boy was totally restored.

Bhagwant and Pradosh returned to their village and told all their neighbors and relatives about Pradosh’s miraculous healing. The following Sunday, Bhagwant opened his house for a Sunday worship service, and around 20 people gathered to learn more about the God who healed his son. Today, worship services are regularly conducted at Bhagwant’s house, and these students and other local missionaries are praying for everyone in his village to know and receive the love of God.