National missionary Adarsh ministers to many villagers who work in tea estates, like this one.

Bandhu had been paralyzed for 15 long years. He had tried going to the doctor and the many treatments they gave him. Yet, nothing seemed to work. Then he went to visit Adarsh, a Gospel for Asia supported missionary. Adarsh serves among the people who work in South Asia’s lush tea estate.

Adarsh expressed genuine concern for Bandhu and offered prayer for him. As a result of that simple prayer, Bandhu was miraculously healed from his paralysis and decided to follow Christ as Lord and Savior.

There was also a policeman named Chintak in that same area, who was suffering from mental illness and had been subsequently laid off from his job.

After Adarsh met Chintak and got to know him, he went to Chintak’s home frequently in order to pray with him for healing. Those hours of prayer strengthened Chintak. God answered Adarsh’s fervent prayers and Chintak is now delivered from his illness. He also has received Jesus into his life and is a firm believer in the Lord.

These two men and their changed lives are now powerful testimonies of God’s faithfulness to the tea estate workers in South Asia.