Gitika was still a young woman like this when God rescued her from two harrowing experiences that could have resulted in her death.

Lying like a lifeless skeleton, Gitika’s emaciated body withered away more each day. The evil spirit that pushed her toward death refused to loosen its chilling grip. Without intervention, Gitika’s young life would be snuffed out in a matter of days. But this wasn’t the first time she’d come face to face with a dark eternity. And her family held tight to every hope.

A few months earlier, as Gitika helped her family build a small house, she accidentally came into to contact with a live electrical cable and was severely electrocuted. Despite the injuries, Gitika miraculously pulled through—growing stronger and stronger. Then the progress stopped.

Another illness ravaged Gitika’s body, something equally shocking—a spiritual attack. A demon had taken control of Gitika and caused her to quit eating and lose sleep. She also writhed with a burning pain. For a month and a half, the demon terrorized Gitika—making her weak and gaunt.

At times, the demon even spoke through Gitika, saying, “I won’t leave her until I take her life!” With tears of aganoy, Gitka’s mother, Yatee, felt completely helpless. After the hospital told the family that nothing could be done for Gitika, Yatee brought her daughter home to die.

At this time their neighbor, Baahir Rafat, told Yatee about Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Somkar Devendra. Pastor Somkar had previously visited Baahir’s home. As a result of seeing the love of Christ demonstrated through Pastor Somkar’s outreach, Baahir decided to follow Jesus.

Baahir told Yatee that Pastor Somkar could pray for her daughter to be healed. Hoping for a miracle, Yatee decided to contact Pastor Somkar. “I know what you are doing. Don’t go. Don’t bring him here!” the evil spirit yelled, through Gitika. But Yatee refused to be intimidated and went to find Pastor Somkar anyway.

When Pastor Somkar arrived, the demon seethed, “I will never leave her! I want her!” With faith and authority, Pastor Somkar prayed that the evil spirit would leave Gitika. As he interceded for her, the demon fled—releasing her from the dark bondage that had ravaged her mind and body for the past one and a half months.

For the next several weeks, Pastor Somkar continued to pray for Gitika’s complete healing. Being fully recovered from the demonic attack, her body grew stronger, and she started eating again.

After seeing God’s incredible power through Somkar’s prayers, Gitika and her entire family placed their trust in Christ. Gitika now shares with others that only God was able to give her life again.

Pastor Somkar requests prayer that Gitika and her family will grow even more deeply in their relationship with their Savior. He also asks for prayer that more people in the village will respond to Gitika’s testimony of God’s power and will choose to follow Jesus.