Ishwar only wanted to die. Life was no longer worth living. But just when he was ready to end it all, someone returned to visit—and to pray.

Ishwar had lost his younger brother to illness. Even the many deities his family worshipped brought them no comfort. A pastor came to the funeral and, with a heart of compassion, told them of Christ’s tenderness toward the brokenhearted. But the grieving family showed little interest. Again the pastor visited and shared about the hope found in Jesus. This time, he gave Ishwar a New Testament and encouraged him to read it daily.

Two days later, tragedy again struck in Ishwar’s family when his mother died from an incurable disease. Unable to deal with his grief, Ishwar decided to end his life. Killing himself was the only way out, he reasoned. But just in time, the pastor returned with words of hope and comfort.

Ishwar began to seek out this man of God, who related truths from the Bible and prayed for him. Through their friendship and the study of God’s Word, Ishwar saw his need for a Savior and received Christ. “The joy of knowing the Lord personally was incredible,” Ishwar wrote, “and He filled my heart with His peace.”

Ishwar eagerly became involved in a local church, planted by a GFA missioanry, and he experienced fellowship with other Christians. His commitment did not come without a price, though. “Soon persecution arose from my family,” Ishwar remembers, “and they drove me out of the home. But my Savior stood with me, and He became my refuge and strength.”

Filled with a passion to serve Christ, and compelled by His love, Ishwar sought the Lord’s direction. God called him into ministry and opened the door for him to enroll at a GFA Bible college. He thanks God for saving his life—and for calling him to take His message of hope to others.