Prianka has led a women’s prayer group like this one.

At the city church of Pastor Michael Das, God used an interesting chain of events to raise up women who follow Him.

This process began when Pastor Michael met a severely ill woman named Prianka Dutta. After he and some other believers prayed for her, God healed her completely. She chose to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Following this decision, she became active in the church, participating in outreach by distributing Gospel tracts and sharing God’s love with those not acquainted with Him. She also started leading a women’s prayer group.

When teenager Prisha Chatterjee’s mother abandoned her, she came to the right person for help—Prianka. Prisha asked Prianka to pray for her mother. Soon, the girl’s mother returned home. After witnessing God’s power in her life, Prisha also gave her life to Jesus.

Prisha began attending Pastor Michael’s church and started participating in various activities. She also began sharing the Gospel with her mother. As with Prianka, the transformation of Prisha’s life followed with service to the Church and outreach to others.

Please pray that God will continue to use Prisha as a witness for Him and that many people will receive Jesus through her work. Pray also that Prisha’s mother will turn to the living God if she has not already done so.