Mountain paths, bears and flooded rivers couldn’t keep Lhaka and Diyali from journeying deep into a remote region of Bhutan to bring the Gospel in a way no one had done it before: film.

Bhutan’s population is 72 percent Bhuddist. The less than 1 percent who are Christians face being expelled from the country, losing their citizenship or being persecuted in other ways. GFA Radio has broadcasts in five of Bhutan’s 15 languages. But with so many more people still to hear the Gospel, Lhaka and Diyali decided to do something new.

“Seeing the hunger of the Bhutanese for the Gospel,” our correspondent wrote, “they made a sacrificial attempt to screen the film on the life of Jesus in some remote villages.”

On May 26, the two missionaries walked 120 kilometers towards their destination. During monsoon season, torrential rains are known to cause landslides. They crossed mountains, forests and flooding rivers, all the while carrying the precious film equipment. The next day they walked 14 more hours with a few believers who came to guide them to the village where they would show the film.

“At last, the Lord helped them to reach their destination on May 27 by 6 P.M.” our correspondent wrote. “Although they were so exhausted from the journey, their hearts were refreshed when they saw the people just waiting to listen from His Word.”

Lhaka and Diyali not only made the grueling journey but also ministered with fervor once they arrived. Lhaka shared with the believers to encourage them. Early the next morning they prepared for the screening, spreading the word and setting up despite pouring rain.

“When the film began, there was pin drop silence,” they reported. “After the film, many young men and women came forward and committed their lives to the Lord in gratefulness for His love for them.”

The next day, 200 people watched the film, and 15 were saved. The film was shown several times and by the end of the week, 25 people gave their lives to the Lord. Lhaka and Diyali went house-to-house for follow-up ministry, and an entire family was saved.

“Our brothers believe it was absolutely the Lord’s grace and the prayer support of their coworkers that made their ministry successful,” wrote our correspondent. “They also thanked the Lord for His awesome work in such a closed country like Bhutan.”

In October, Lhaka and Diyali are planning to make the trip again for more follow-up services. Pray for them and the new believers in this difficult area, and praise the Lord for His work in Bhutan.