In Asia, a woman is considered to be worth more if she has borne children.

Raika held her newborn baby boy. This precious son represented more than a new life in her family—he represented new life for her. Just one year before, Raika was at the lowest point of her life, facing divorce from her husband because he perceived her as a failure.

At age 29, Raika had been married 10 years and still had no children. This brought immense shame on her husband, Vechya, and his relatives encouraged him to end the marriage. He would find someone else, they told him, who would give him children and carry on the family line.

With the humiliation of impending divorce heaped upon her already shameful infertility, Raika decided it would be better to kill herself than to go on living that way. It was at this point in her life that she heard about Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Bharit.

With no one else to turn to, Raika poured out her heartache to Pastor Bharit. Although she had expected that the only end to her misery was the end of her life, that day she found something she had never imagined. She decided to receive Jesus’ love and follow Him.

Amazingly, Vechya decided against divorce. Full of new hope, Raika began attending church. Her husband didn’t join her, but he didn’t stop her, either. And just a few months later, Raika was expecting a baby.

This miracle was clearly a picture of Jesus’ power in her life, and Raika gave joyful glory to God.

Today, Raika has a healthy little boy growing up to love the Lord. Even though the pressures of her society remain the same, she knows that Jesus values her immensely.

She requests prayer for Vechya, who has not yet turned to the Lord.