When Prasela came to know the Lord through a GFA Radio program, she was able to share the hope she found with her sister, too.

Prasela and her husband, Sujin, were living out a nightmare no couple would ever want to face. Sujin contracted leprosy, and he had lost his job as a result.

But it was during this painful and difficult time that Prasela found hope on the radio. She heard about Jesus while listening to a GFA Radio broadcast and was pleasantly surprised to find that she could share her burdens with Him. She trusted Jesus as her Savior, then told her husband. He too trusted in Jesus, and they began to earnestly pray for his healing.

The Lord answered their prayers in an incredible way and healed Sujin—and he was able to return to his workplace, too. But this was just the first miracle that happened because of the radio program.

Then Prasela shared the exciting news of the Savior with her sister, Jyoti, who was going through difficulties of her own.

A Downward Spiral, A Fresh Hope
While Jyoti’s husband was still alive, he drank heavily and fought with her. There was no peace in their home. Alcoholism eventually took its toll on his body, and he died. Jyoti’s grief was compounded when one of her sons also died.

Prasela and her husband, Sujin, were living out a nightmare no couple would ever want to face.

Life continued on a downward spiral for the family, as Jyoti began to have breathing problems. Because she lived in a remote forest area, it was very difficult for her to go to the hospital. Her family did not have the money for treatment anyway.

The situation was very hard on Jyoti’s son Kundan, and he became depressed. But when his aunt Prasela visited them and shared her amazing story of what God did in her family’s lives, Kundan and Jyoti found hope.

Jyoti began to believe in Jesus—and her family was suddenly aware of God’s presence in their lives and saw their faith increase. Even when Kundan began to suffer from physical problems, he and Jyoti clung to Jesus, whom they each trusted in as Savior. And they began to see Him intervene in their lives in incredible ways—Kundan was healed, and they experienced the Lord’s provision.

Sharing His Hope with Others
Then, a year after Kundan came to know the Savior, he clearly sensed God’s call to ministry and went to a Bible college. After graduation, he returned to his home state to minister with the love of Jesus as a GFA–supported national missionary. He faced much opposition, as people were staunch in their traditional beliefs. Some even accused him of forcibly converting people.

In spite of these obstacles, Kundan faithfully continued serving—and the Lord protected him and accomplished great things through him. In time, Kundan led a growing church and could rejoice in seeing many lives touched. And it all started with a radio program that God used to create ripples of hope.