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This tent is home for Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Giri. That's because he works in the area of Orissa hit hardest by the intense persecution against Christians.
Pastor Giri is one of dozens of Christians in his village who lost their homes in the anti-Christian rampage that started in December 2007.
A tent village sprung up as the only means of shelter for Pastor Giri and his believers.
These are the believers of Pastor Giri's church. They witnessed violent destruction all around them, but they escaped with their lives. And God is faithfully providing for them.
Thanks to answered prayer and gifts from Christians worldwide, this day marked a new beginning for one of the homeless Christian families.
In this village, whose name can be translated "Village of Peace," GFA leaders are working to build new homes for the Christians. Several are completed now.
Pastor Giri led the believers in prayer, thanking God and dedicating this new home to Him.
More houses are under construction now.
Soon, each of these will be home to a family that lost everything for the sake of their faith.
date posted 06/01/2010