The weary parents hovered anxiously over their young son. Marimuthu had been seriously ill since birth. His parents had spent a huge amount of money seeking medical treatment. They would do just about anything to have their son remain alive and be healthy. Yet Marimuthu’s condition stayed the same—no improvements.

Meanwhile, Marimuthu’s father heard about the missionary who came to their village and prayed for the sick. He rushed to the missionary’s house and begged him to come pray for his son.

GFA missionary Nayak immediately followed the desperate father home. Seeing the sick child, he prayed in faith for his healing. Knowing the Lord could completely restore Marimuthu’s health, he encouraged his parents to believe in Jesus. The Lord in His tender mercy touched Marimuthu’s body and healed him. May this family respond to this display of God’s power with gratitude and faith in Jesus.