GFA-supported missionaries provided relief care to six major communities, but more communities wait with conditions unknown.

As the effects of the May 25 Cyclone Aila continue, the people of West Bengal are finding restoration at relief camps run by Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries.

More than 600,000 homes were destroyed by the storm—including 396 that belonged to one group of believers—and local fields and ponds were filled with salt water, ruining the soon-to-be-harvested rice crops and the fish supply. Without fresh drinking water, a local newspaper reported, more than 5,000 people have been affected with diarrhea, and more diseases are spreading as livestock die and decompose.

Other government and non-government organizations have worked to fulfill basic needs, but their inability to meet basic food needs has frustrated the victims to the point of desperation.

A lack of clean water has added sickness to over 5,000 people’s list of hardships.

Whoever goes to help them, the people snatch things away from them,” said a GFA correspondent.

The GFA-supported missionaries and pastors are helping to remedy the situation by contributing their own money to provide drinking water, food, first aid and medicine to six major communities. Missionaries served a meal of rice, dal, curry and water to a most recently reported total of 2,245 people. In hopes of making a long-term difference, the missionaries are also providing clothes, repairing houses, hiring water tanks for drinking water and pumping salt water out of ponds.

Still, many are waiting for relief. Transportation difficulties have made it impossible for missionaries to reach some of the islands, and the devastation there is yet unknown.

More than 600,000 homes in West Bengal were destroyed by Cyclone Aila; 396 belonged to believers from one denomination.

Please pray that God will provide the missionaries with the strength and resources to reach all who have been affected by Aila, and for the health and safety of those still waiting for aid. Also pray specifically for the areas most affected: Sidharpur, Addi, Suntikari, Dumkal, Kedarpur, Basanti, Sagardeep, Barkhali, Mahipith, Pathar Pritima, Namkhana, Gadi Chack, Bidhaba Pada, Sitarampur, Rakshyak Khali, Kanning Katpul, L. Plot and K. Plot.