Joy lights Raji’s face as she goes about her daily tasks in her North Indian village, telling others, “If anyone is having troubles, sickness or any other kind of problem, pray—Jesus will heal!”

Raji, 35, remembers all too well the aches and swelling she suffered until just recently. She visited nearly every hospital for miles around but found no relief for the sharp pain blasting her body.

The young woman had nearly lost all hope of ever being healed. For several months, she cried when she thought about her condition.

There was one option Raji hadn’t tried—her relatives had heard that people were being healed when they visited a nearby church planted by GFA missionary, Laddy. They strongly encouraged Raji to go, but she refused to take their advice.

Then, with her pain worse than ever, Raji had no other choice: She decided to seek out Pastor Laddy. With great feeling, he prayed for her and encouraged her to believe in Jesus.

Through this experience, God opened Raji’s eyes to put all her trust in Jesus. She began attending worship at the church. Within a few weeks, as Pastor Laddy and his congregation continued to pray for her, Raji enjoyed complete healing from her pain.

And with each step she takes today, Raji’s life testifies of God’s love and power. Please pray that like Raji, many others in her vicinity will experience God’s healing touch for body and soul.