Believers in the Indian state of Jharkhand are being threatened with beatings for refusing to donate money to the gods and goddesses of the region, and Gospel for Asia leaders are asking for prayer for the situation.

Recently, the area pastor was asked to attend a meeting to discuss the reasons behind the believers’ uncollected donations. While the meeting was held to discuss this issue, 15 people came on motorcycles, surrounded the pastor and threatened him.

The pastor was told he would not be able to leave the meeting. Eventually he was released without being harmed by agreeing that he and the GFA district leader would return for another meeting on July 19.

The district leader came to the meeting, hoping to handle the situation. The students and staff of the Bible college have called for a day of fasting and prayer.

This particular district of Jharkhand is very tense right now. Currently, Gospel for Asia has eight missionaries in the area, and it is one of the most difficult and dangerous regions for Gospel work.

Pray that the Lord will protect the pastors and families in this district. Pray for wisdom and grace in this situation, and that many will be saved through this opposition.