Sadhana’s illness kept her bedridden.

Sadhana Rao was a pious woman who faithfully bowed before her traditional gods, praying for blessings, peace and prosperity for herself and her family. But unexpectedly, her gods’ blessings turned into an illness.

She continued to seek her deities for help, but day by day, her health continued to deteriorate. Sadhana became confined to her bed, not able to do household chores or watch after her two young sons. Her husband took her to a hospital, but the doctors weren’t able to help her, nor did they have enough money for treatment.

It was at this critical point in her life that she met Sanam Venkatesan, a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor, who gave her a Gospel tract that would turn her life around.

Sanam had gone to visit Sadhana and her family and shared about the Lord’s love. Touched by what she heard and read, Sadhana acknowledged she was a sinner and gave her life to Jesus.

From that day, things began to change. Sadhana’s health miraculously returned to normal, and she began attending Sanam’s church with her husband and sons. Today Sanam and her family believe in Jesus, and the peace of Christ now envelops their lives.