Bikram serves the Lord in Maharashtra, India.

A Gospel for Asia missionary, Bikram Lankaj, has burns on 40 percent of his body after his kerosene stove exploded June 17. He is being treated in a hospital.

Before a Sunday worship service, Bikram was preparing to boil some water but did not notice some spilled kerosene beside his stove. When he lit the stove, it exploded, severely burning his forehead, chest, right hand and the right side of his face.

Bikram’s neighbors rushed him to the hospital, where doctors say he will need to stay for at least 15 days.

After Bikram graduated from a GFA Bible college two years ago, he started full-time ministry in Maharashtra, India, and has planted three mission stations and a Sunday school with 50 children. He is single, but his mother, sister and a GFA district pastor are taking care of him.

Please pray that Bikram will recover quickly—that he will not be in pain and that there will be no infection. Pray also for those who are taking care of him.

Bikram ministers in Maharashtra, India. Read more about this state.