The following is a list of reported attacks on Christians in Orissa since the murder of Swami Laxamanananda Saraswati on Saturday. Continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Orissa as they are literally running for their lives.

  1. Four Christians were stabbed to death in Tiangia village as they tried to stop the extremists who were trying to set their church on fire. Those killed include 38-year-old Bikram Naik; 38-year-old Dasaratha Pradham; 40-year-old Surendra Naik and a fourth man, whose name has not yet been released.

  2. A Gospel for Asia-related prayer house was burned in Raikia.

  3. Extremists bombed a Christian settlement in Mandakia, completely destroying it. In Raikia, four homes belonging to Christians are bombed and destroyed.

  4. Many villages without police guard are suffering attacks as the mobs move from place to place, destroying property owned by Christians. Affected villages include Bodimunda, Gadhaguda, Telingia, Sukananda, Gracingia, Nuasahi, Kurmingia, Mallickpadi, and G. Udayagiri.

  5. A Gospel for Asia missionary in Raikia was severely attacked and all the houses of the people in his congregation were damaged.

  6. More than 1,000 Christians in Phiringia have fled to the forest for protection. They have no food and water in the place they are hiding.

  7. There have been several reports of attacks on Christians in Koraput. All the Christian homes in Narayanapatna were destroyed. A Christian orphanage that houses 150 children in Baipariguda village was attacked and the missionary in charge was severely beaten. Two GFA-related churches were burned in the village of Jeypur.

  8. A GFA missionary and his wife from Dharmashala were kidnapped, tortured and beaten.

  9. One Christian was burned alive when his colony was set on fire in the Papadhandi village.

  10. A Christian school was attacked and damaged in Chandrasekharpur.

  11. 29-year-old Rajani Majhi, a cook in an orphanage, was burned alive in Khuntapalli.

  12. A Catholic nun was publicly gang-raped and a priest was seriously beaten, stripped and doused with gasoline in Balliguda. Rain prevented the matches from lighting as the mob tried to set the priest on fire. Police arrived and rescued the priest and the nun.

  13. An orphanage in Khuntipalli was ransacked and set on fire. At least 10 of the 22 orphans living there fled to the nearby forest to save their lives. The cook was burned to death inside the kitchen of the orphanage. 12 of the students also sustained serious injuries.

  14. Two Christians were killed in the Budamaha village in the Raikia district. The bodies of the murdered Christians, 35-year-old Jaka Naik and 42-year-old Gapana Nayak, were left near a road. About 400 Christians from the same village have fled to the forest for protection.

  15. A Catholic worker in an orphanage in Kalhandi was seriously injured in an attack.

  16. Three houses and a church were set on fire in Baliguda.

  17. Seven homes were destroyed in Bhagamunda.

  18. A nun was burned alive and a priest was badly burned in an orphanage in Bargarh.

  19. A Catholic nun was gang raped in a social service center where she worked. The extremists also destroyed the building itself.

  20. A Catholic nun and a priest were injured in the attack on the social services center.

  21. A convent, a hostel and 300 other properties were destroyed in the Baliguda. More than 300 Christian properties were destroyed and more than 1,500 Christians fled to the forest for safety. This is the same area that came under heavy attack in December, 2007.

  22. Attackers shaved the heads of two boys from a Catholic hostel in Baliguda.

  23. A Catholic church in Phulbani was damaged.

  24. Mobs attacked the former residence of Mother Teresa and a hospital in Srasanda. They also attacked priests and Christians in Pobingia.

  25. Violent mobs made several attempts to enter a Catholic church compound and the archbishop's house in Bhubaneswar, Orissa's capital city.

    Police prevented the mobs from entering, but they damaged a guesthouse in the compound.

  26. Attackers destroyed buildings owned by the Catholic church in Duburi. Two priests from that parish are missing after the attack.

  27. A Christian leader was attacked and his property and vehicle were looted and burned in Gramya Pragati.

  28. A Baptist church in Bhubaneswar was damaged.

  29. Several Christian institutions in Kalinga were damaged.

  30. A Catholic church and associated property were destroyed in Boudh. The Christians were forced to flee.

  31. A Catholic residence for nuns and priests was destroyed in Muniguda.

  32. A Christian women's residence was destroyed in Sambalpur.

  33. A priest is attacked in Padanpur.

  34. A Catholic church is attacked in Madhupur.

  35. Small churches were attacked in at least 19 villages in the Kandhamal District.

  36. Attacks on the homes of Christians in five forest hamlets were reported.

  37. Homes were burned in the Kalahandi District, even though it is more than 180 miles from where the murder took place.

  38. A Pentecostal missionary was beaten and his house was burned in Bhawanipatna.

  39. Three shops owned by Christians were looted and burned and two pastors were beaten up in Kharihar.

  40. Four pastors were beaten up in Aampani. They fled their villages with their families.

  41. A mob surrounded a village in Naktikani so they could attack Christians. The government reportedly intervened in the situation.

  42. Extremists in Nuagaon nabbed two Christians, outfitted them with clothing generally worn by a terrorist group and then turned them over to police.

  43. A car carrying several nuns to mass was stopped by protestors who broke the windows. They were able to escape the mob and return safely to their convent in Dharmgard.

  44. Ten Christian-owned shops were ransacked and destroyed in Raikia.

  45. Twenty five homes of Christians were burned in Rupagaon. The residents were forced to flee to the forests.

  46. Christian-owned shops in Paburia were burned.

  47. Churches were razed in Adaskupa and Sulesaru.

  48. There are widespread reports of armed radicals roaming village roads and women and children living without food and water as they hide out in the forests.

  49. A church in Benagaberi and the homes of local believers were burned.

  50. In Phulbani, the radicals destroyed Christian homes and a missionary's home and motorcycle.

  51. A church and homes were destroyed in Danguli village.

  52. A church and day care center were burned in Lahabadi.

  53. A church in Rashimundi was burned.

  54. Christian's homes were completely destroyed in Keredi.

  55. A church and the pastor's home were destroyed in Kambaguda.

  56. A village church and Christian homes were destroyed in the middle of the night in Kambaguda.

  57. A church and two prayer houses were burned in Dumerguda. This occurred within a few hours of the swami's murder.

  58. A pastor in Sambalpur was severely beaten. The radicals also set his motorbike on fire.

  59. Mission churches in a slum area were attacked.

  60. A handicapped believer named Rasananda Pradhan was burned alive in Kandhamal. He was unable to run into the forest and save himself when the radicals set fire to his village. A total of 25 homes were destroyed in this village as well.

  61. Two Christian churches were burned in Narayanapatna.

  62. The radicals are creating havoc in Koraput.

  63. A 76-year-old pastor was attacked and held captive in a locked room in Narayanapatna. They also burned all the property belonging to the local Christians.

  64. Two Christian brothers had their homes demolished in Narayanapatna.

  65. Three churches were burned and the homes of believers were ransacked in three villages in Koraput.

  66. A mission school was ransacked in Bramhani Gaon.

  67. The homes of two pastors and 11 Christians were burned in Phulbani.

  68. All the homes of Christians and the churches in Baliguda were ransacked and destroyed. The children in Christian families are scared. They are unable to attend school or to even have anything to eat since they are in hiding.

  69. Every Christian family's home was damaged in the Mandakia village in Raikia.

  70. The church and homes of Christians are being ransacked and destroyed in Baiballi village. The Christians, including one woman who is about to give birth, are looking for any way to be rescued from their situation. They fled their homes with only the clothes on their backs.

  71. There are reports that the extremists are sending people whose sole job is to start massive riots to completely destroy and kill any Christians remaining in Kandhamal.

  72. In remote villages that do not have police protection in G. Udayagiri, the radicals are freely destroying and burning Christian properties.

  73. The pastor of a church in Sambalpur was attacked and his motorcycle was burned. The next day, they destroyed his church.

  74. The village church at Deorgarh was burned.