Nominal Christian Transformed through Women's Fellowship

July 2012

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Aung was raised in a nominal Christian family, but she didn't truly understand the love of Christ until she attended a Women's Fellowship meeting.

After listening to the Word of God at the meeting, this wife and mother of three finally realized she was a sinner and embraced the Savior's love.

"I myself experienced the goodness of the Lord, peace and happiness," she relates.

"I had many times quarreled with my husband without any reason, and I did not know how to respect my husband since I did not know the love of Christ," Aung adds. "How can I love my husband if I do not first love Jesus? Now there is no more quarreling. We are filled with joy and peace."

The Lord has transformed Aung and her family through Women's Fellowship.

Will you please pray for Aung and all our other sisters in Women's Fellowship, that the Lord will continue to help them grow in Him?

Nominal Christian Transformed through Women's Fellowship

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