After rejecting his Christian upbringing, Supriya has now chosen to follow Jesus and doesn’t hate worship services anymore.

Supriya Lobo was tired of hearing about Christianity. He grew up in a Christian home but did not actually follow Christ. He even got to the point where Biblical messages irritated him.

Supriya stopped listening to the advice of true Christ followers and quit going to church. Witnessing the immoral lifestyles of some nominal Christians he knew drove him even further from the Lord. In fact, he almost gave up believing in God.

One day, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Savera Rodrigues visited Supriya’s home. Savera spoke with him, helping the young man understand God’s love and plan for his life. As the missionary shared, the Holy Spirit began speaking to Supriya’s heart. That day, the young man had an epiphany: He had been wrong about Christianity—and about God.

Miraculously, God used Savera to melt Supriya’s hardened heart. Supriya repented of his sins and made the decision to follow Jesus. Today the sounds of prayer and worshipful singing no longer exasperate him. Instead, they remind him that his Savior is merciful and patient.