Bicycle rickshaws are the taxicabs of Asia. One man with a rickshaw can work shuttling passengers around the city and earn a good living for his family.

I feel like I’m the pilot of an airplane with this new rickshaw!” declared Janga “My life is not going to be the same.”

The impoverished rickshaw driver was one of three Christians in central Nepal whose future was given a boost thanks to gifts from the Gospel for Asia Christmas Gift Catalog.

Pastor Padam Khanal, a GFA-supported national missionary, handed out gifts that were literally God-sends to Janga and two others that day.

Rickshaw Driver
Jayanta had driven a rickshaw every day for 10 years, trying to earn enough money to support his wife and four children. And while he was busy hauling people from place to place, he had to rent the rickshaw from its owner. The little money remaining after paying the steep rental fee was simply not enough to fully support his family.

“I feel like I’m the pilot of an airplane with this new rickshaw!”

So when Pastor Khanal heard that donors were providing rickshaws through the GFA Christmas Gift Catalog, he asked his leaders if he could get one for Janga.

Sure enough, Jayanta received a rickshaw, and now he is able to keep all of the fares he collects. When receiving the rickshaw, his smile was all anyone needed to see to understand that life was about to drastically change for Janga and his family.

Laborer’s Wife
Udaya, the wife of a day laborer and mother of four, had been praying for a way out of her family’s dire financial straights. She learned to sew in hopes of supplementing her husband’s meager earnings, but without her own sewing machine, she could not make enough working for others to make ends meet.

Then God answered her prayers through a sewing machine provided through the GFA Christmas Gift Catalog.

I am so thankful to the Lord for this Providence,” she said, “and I am so grateful for the donor who made this gift possible.”

Helpful Daughter
Another sewing machine went to Ragini Pradhan, a young woman whose father is trying to earn a living as a woodcutter while caring for his mentally handicapped wife.

The local church was helping the struggling family both spiritually and financially, and was praying that the Lord would provide a lasting solution to their problems.

Ragini had received some training as a seamstress, but could not afford a sewing machine that would allow her to earn a living and improve her family’s situation.

When her pastor, Himal Lhakpa, learned about the GFA Christmas Gift Catalog gifts, the first person he thought of was Ragini. He requested a machine for he, and was thrilled to present it to her.

As her face shone with gratitude, she heard Pastor Khanal declare, “Years ago God sent His own Son as a Christmas gift to us, and here again God provides His people with a remedy for their financial needs in the form of Christmas gifts. They have promised to be faithful to Jesus as they continue to grow in Him.”

Tody Ragini, Udaya and Janga are all hard at work, earning a living and praising God for His provision.