Pastor Sampat and the believers gather in front of their new church building.

The congregation came together for their very first worship service in their new church home.

Sampat Kolagunta’s ministry began like any other. For six years, the Gospel for Asia-supported missionary labored to bring the Good News.

He started with a small group of believers worshiping in the home of a local Christian. They experienced frequent opposition from their neighbors and local anti-Christian extremists, but in spite of these problems, the Lord enabled Sampat and the believers to stand firm in their faith. Within a few months, the opposition vanished, and Sampat’s ministry continued to flourish.

More than 330 believers crammed into one home to worship the Lord. The space limitations made it difficult for them to gather.

So they began praying for a church building. For several years they asked the Lord to provide them with a large enough place to call their own, and, in His perfect timing, the Lord finally answered!

Donors from around the world provide funds to build churches in South Asia. Sampat’s congregation received funding for land and materials. Then they built their own church building. Now Sampat and the believers have a place to freely worship the Lord.

This church building has been a great blessing to our pastor and the congregation to bring His believers together for worship,” shared a GFA field correspondent. “Now Pastor Sampat doesn’t need to worry about their need for a place to gather for worship services.”