It is difficult to find reliable transportation in many parts of India. A sight like this is not uncommon

Four Gospel for Asia missionaries were involved in a serious car accident on May 29. The missionaries included two men and two women serving in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Earlier that day, the four missionaries had been asked to pray for a mentally ill person in a nearby village. They gladly accepted the invitation and started walking to the village, which was 15 kilometers (nine miles) away. On the roadside, a jeep stopped to give them a ride.

Then, while the missionaries rode in the jeep, the driver suddenly lost control. The vehicle and everyone inside plunged into a deep ditch, immediately killing four people and severely injuring others.

The Lord spared the missionaries’ lives, but they had to seek treatment in a hospital. Three suffered internal injuries and fractures in their right hands, while the fourth has multiple injuries. Each of them lost a lot of blood.

Praying for sick people is often one of the ways a missionary’s ministry in a village starts.

Very rarely have people escaped from such accidents,” GFA’s correspondent wrote. “When I went to see these four missionaries, they told me they thought the end had come for them. They acknowledged that it was the Lord’s abundant grace that kept them alive.”

GFA’s correspondent asks for prayer for the missionaries’ recovery, and that the Lord will give them strength to continue serving Him. Pray also that they will have another chance to minister to the family that asked for prayer.

This accident happened in Madhya Pradesh, India.

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