The time a student spends at a GFA Bible college is very intense but also very rewarding for his spiritual growth and future ministry.

Summer outreach is a means through which students at Gospel for Asia’s 67 Bible colleges have the opportunity to participate in hands-on outreach along with their training in the classroom. And for a group of GFA Bible college students in Maharashtra, despite the opposition, their time of summer outreach recently yielded encouraging results.

The students reached out to people in 125 villages in a month’s time, handing out thousands of pieces of Gospel literature. They were able to minister personally to many individuals with particular needs, including a man named Bajun and a woman named Jamuna.

Bajun suffered from pain in his legs. A team of women students told him about Jesus and prayed for his healing, applying oil to his legs according to the biblical instruction in James 5:14.

As the women prayed for Bajun, he experienced Christ’s healing touch in both his legs. Following his healing, Bajun gave his heart to Jesus.

Jamuna had swelling in her body. Some women students from the Bible college met her and shared the Gospel with her. Jamuna trusted in Christ and asked the women to pray for her. The students joined in prayer—and the Lord healed Jamuna completely! Through this healing, six families received Christ.

The students reached out to people in 125 villages in a month’s time, handing out thousands of pieces of Gospel literature.

Menaka was crippled from childhood. One of the women’s teams from the Bible college told her about Jesus and prayed for her. God worked through her prayers, and Menaka was able to walk slowly without any assistance!

Some struggles were more directly related to the spiritual darkness found in the area.

Amija had suffered as a victim of black magic for a long time. Some women from the Bible college shared the Gospel with her. Convinced that she needed a Savior and that Jesus could free her, Amija put her trust in Him.

A married couple was on the verge of committing suicide. They were driven to such desperation because their son was beating them due to their involvement in black magic. Unable to bear the pain and shame, they decided to end their lives. But at that moment, the Lord sent a team of women Bible college students to visit them.

The women told them about God’s love and the couple’s need for salvation through Christ. Listening to the Gospel message, this husband and wife were each convinced of their sinfulness and need for a Savior. At the end of the conversation, the couple received Christ.

Preeti was tormented by an evil spirit. Her family tried their best to find deliverance for her, yet their efforts were futile. But around this time, women from the Bible college met this family and shared the Good News of Jesus. The Lord miraculously delivered Preeti from the bondage of the evil spirit. Today she is well and believes in Jesus.

Even though overall the ministry was well-received, some of the students did encounter opposition.

A team of male students came across a radical anti-Christian group that opposed them and threatened them not to share the Gospel in their area. By God’s grace, they were spared from harm.

Praise God for the many hearts that were touched through the summer outreach. Please pray that the Lord will keep these Bible college students close to Himself and use them to spread the Gospel to many more people in Maharashtra.