We have learned from Nepal that Manja’s verdict has been delayed yet again. The two judges deciding Manja’s verdict each arrived at a different conclusion. A larger panel of three to five judges will now review his case.

It could take up to two more months for a final decision on Manja’s case, according to the latest from the field. At that time the Nepali missionary will likely either be released from prison or must serve the remainder of his 20-year sentence.

So many of you have faithfully prayed for Manja. Please continue praying with us as judges examine the evidence in his case. “There is nothing to be discouraged about,” a GFA leader writes. “The Lord is on our side and victory is ours.”

While in prison, Manja has remained joyful in Christ and a light to those around him. “The Apostle Paul counted it joy to suffer for Christ unjustly,” he told a GFA leader earlier this year, and it is no less than that for me.”