Being the only Christian in a village is very difficult in Asia. Many find that they are excommunicated from village life because of their new faith.

Chandran Purdanny, who is the only Christian in his village, was severely beaten by anti-Christian extremists on February 15.

A few men approached Chandran at about 6 p.m. that day and asked him several questions. They then ordered him to disown Jesus as his Lord and come back to the religion into which he was born. They threatened him with severe consequences if he refused.

Chandran told the men he would not disown Christ, at which time they grabbed him by the collar and beat him severely. They dragged him through the village, shouting that anyone who received Chandran’s “foreign god” would be punished and excommunicated from their society.

Kewal Devrat, a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor from a nearby village, heard about the incident and reported it to the local police. But the police refused to file a case against the men who assaulted Chandran.

Kewal continued pursuing the matter until he was able to get his complaint heard by the local police superintendent. The superintendent assured him that legal action would be taken against the assailants. The local newspaper also published a story about the attack.

Kewal asks for prayer for Chandran’s complete recovery. Both men are also asking for prayer that the men who carried out this crime will come to understand the love of Jesus Christ.