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This area of India gets scorching hot during the dry season. The temperature gets to about 114 degrees during the day and drops down to 90 degrees at night.
The brutal heat also causes the wells to dry up. This overgrown well can no longer provide water for the villagers.
When wells dry up, villagers have no alternative but to drink muddy water from the tiny ponds where livestock wade and drink. This is also where villagers wash clothes and bathe in this water. As a result, many diseases are transmitted through this water.
According to Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Harish Kumar, high caste people do not allow those from lower castes to drink water from their wells. This forces low caste villagers to seek water elsewhere.
"I was moved with compassion, to do something for this people," Harish Kumar said. Drilling a well seemed like the obvious thing to do.
Deepti belongs to a family that has been impacted by the Jesus Well. She used water from the new well and found the living water of Jesus.
Deepti said Jesus Wells changed their lives. They are now able to cook, drink, and even take care of their animals with the clean water.
Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Indraneel has been working in a village just 50 miles north of Harish's village. Because the terrain is rocky, water is scarce even in the wettest years.
When Indraneel first started his ministry in the village, people rejected his message and opposed him. However since he drilled the Jesus wells, people have started listening to his message and coming to church.
A lot of people are now responding positively to the Gospel, and the church is growing rapidly. All of this happened because of a well.
date posted 08/10/2010