The village where Gospel for Asia missionary Ramesh is stationed was recently hit by floods. The Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has been hit by a number of cyclones, which has resulted in widespread flooding. (Cyclones are known as “hurricanes” to North Americans and “typhoons” in the Pacific region.) Many people have lost everything, including their homes and family members.

“We were all asleep when the flood waters attacked us around 3:30 in the morning,” said Ramesh. He discovered later that the water level in the nearby reservoir had risen above the safety level and the local authorities had opened all the sluices to save the dam. A total of 120 small huts made of sand, mud and sticks were struck. Many were destroyed and the people left homeless.

Ramesh later went to the church with some believers to see if they could salvage anything, but the walls and the roof began to collapse around them. They quickly made their way out of the church and thanked the Lord for protecting them as they painfully watched the building crumble to the ground.

Many days have passed since the flood hit this village, but it will take time for the homes and church to be rebuilt and for life to return to normal. The government has provided temporary shelter and food for those affected by this flood.

Pastor Ramesh is finding it difficult to conduct regular worship services in the midst of this situation. “Please pray that the Lord may provide us with a temporary shelter where we can worship Him,” he says.