As they hear about Jesus through a native missionary, entire families in Asia are experiencing hope.

Ekram and Surekha worried constantly about their five-year-old son, Santhosh.

Baskar was deeply concerned for his ailing wife.

Both couples lived in the same village in Kerala, India. And both needed a special touch from God’s hand.

Ekram’s son, Santhosh, was mentally challenged. Not knowing how to handle his special needs, this family was consumed with worry.

Baskar’s wife, Alishiba, had always been very healthy until a demonic force interrupted her life. Indian culture is filled with a mysticism that can cause people to inadvertently allow demonic power to enter their lives. The daily rituals involving idols, the reliance upon witch doctors and traditional religions that preach fear make them susceptible to such dark spiritual forces. In Alishiba’s case, the demonic attacks caused her physical body to give out. She was bedridden for several years.

The two families chose different ways of coping with their situations.

Alishiba’s family took her to a number of hospitals and spent a lot of money seeking deliverance. They sacrificed to various deities, and even engaged in witchcraft.

But Alishiba’s condition did not change.

On the other hand, young Santhosh’s family struggled so much to cope with his condition that they came to a drastic decision. They had no peace in their lives and they felt like the only way to put an end to the pain was to commit suicide as an entire family.

Alishiba finally found deliverance … through the prayers of Samuel, a Gospel for Asia missionary. It started when Samuel visited this family and spoke of Jesus’ love and healing power. He also prayed earnestly for Alishiba’s healing. Her family was eager to hear more about Jesus and God’s Word, so the missionary started having Bible classes in their home.

Through constant prayer, God moved in Alishiba’s life, delivering her completely from the bondage of the evil spirit. The whole family made the decision to know and follow Jesus.

And God intervened in the lives of Santhosh’s family at just the right moment, also. Again, He used Samuel to bring them the Gospel at this crucial juncture in their lives. When the missionary told them that Jesus bore their pain when He died on the cross, the family saw there was a way out: They didn’t have to end their lives. They gladly chose to receive the Savior into their lives and follow Him.

Although Santhosh still had his mental illness, knowing Jesus gave the family the hope and joy they needed for each day. They began attending Samuel’s church and grew in their faith.

Both families desire to be more vocal about their Christian faith but are facing opposition from their own immediate family members.

For Baskar and Alishiba, it is Baskar’s brother, Mohan, who lives with the family. He lashes out against the couple and disturbs them when they pray, offering prayers to his gods in a loud voice.

Ekram and Surekha have parents who oppose their faith.

Yet still these families have found new life and hope in Jesus. Pray they will stand strong in their Christian faith—and for the salvation of their opposing relatives.