Shanshu, born into a tribal family in India, suffered various illnesses from the time of his childhood. Every day he would offer ritual sacrifices to his gods and goddesses, desperately hoping for a cure. Surely this time, he would think, I will be healed.

Yet his condition remained the same—until one day he heard about Jesus, the great Physician. Could Jesus heal him? he wondered. God did heal Shanshu, and he asked Jesus to be his Savior and Lord. Now he enjoys good health and is studying God’s Word. To the glory of God, Gospel for Asia native missionary Yadu (right) ministers in this Chhattisgarh (India) village, penetrating the lives of hurting people like Shanshu. A total of 12 people have come to Christ through his witness in the past six months. “Please pray for their spiritual growth, Yadu requests, adding, “Pray that God will use Shanshu mightily in the coming days.